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Top 15 Unrequited Love Affairs

With the release of Slow West we've decided to take a look at those unrequited love affairs that broke our hearts, made us cry, and ruined our lives forever!

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The Great Gatsby - Jay Gatsby & Daisy Buchanan

Warner Bros. Pictures

The Great Gatsby follows the life of millionaire Jay Gatsby and his neighbour Nick Carraway. Gatsby is desperately in love with Daisy, who was an old-flame but now married to another. Even with all his wealth, that he had earned to be worthy of Daisy, he never is able to have her reciprocate the same amount of love or have her leave her husband.

500 Days of Summer - Tom Hansen & Summer Finn

Fox Searchlight Pictures

500 Days of Summer deals with the failed relationship between Tom and Summer. Tom works at a greeting card company in Los Angeles. When Summer joins as his boss’ new assistant Tom is immediately smitten. Though the pair date and grow close Summer is adamant that she doesn’t believe in “true love.” Matters get worse for Tom after they break up and Summer finds love with someone else.

Casablanca - Rick Blaine & Ilsa Rund

Warner Bros.

Casablanca deals with the dilemma of Rick who must choose between his love for Ilsa and helping her Czech Resistance leader husband flee the city of Casablanca to continue the fight against the Nazis. The love between Rick and Ilsa is passionately strong but even Rick knows that Ilsa will eventually regret staying with him instead of her husband.

My Best Friend's Wedding - Julianne Potter & Michael O’Neil

Tristar Pictures

My Best Friend’s Wedding is about Julianne who realizes she is in love with her best and long-time friend, Michael, after he calls to tell her he is getting married in four days. Julianne attempts to sabotage the wedding until she finally admits the truth to herself that Michael isn’t in love with her.

Gone with the Wind - Scarlett O’Hara, Ashley Wilkes, & Rhett Butler


Gone with the Wind is a film that is entirely filled with unrequited love set against the backdrop of the American Civil War. Scarlett pines for Ashley and they share a few intimate moments even though he marries another. Rhett pines for Scarlett and the two marry even though Scarlett still harbours feelings for Ashely. When Scarlett realizes that Ashley was never truly in love with her she tries to win Rhett back but is rebuffed.

Love Actually - Mark & Juliet

Universal Pictures

Love Actually is a film that deals with different variations of love spread across ten separate stories. One of the most prominent stories is the unrequited love Mark has for his best friend’s new wife, Juliet. Juliet believes that Mark doesn’t like her because the two have never become close. She soon learns that Mark has only acted as such because he’s in love with her and knows that she’s in love with his best friend.

The Phantom of the Opera - Christine & The Phantom

Warner Bros. Pictures

In The Phantom of the Opera, Christine is tutored in her singing by the Phantom. When her childhood love, Raoul, appears the Phantom whisks Christine away and declares his love for her. When Raoul and Christine are reunited they both declare their love for one another much to the horror of the Phantom.

Brokeback Mountain - Ennis & Alma, Jack & Lureen

Focus Features

Brokeback Mountain follows the complex and sexual relationship between two cowboys, Ennis and Jack, in the American West. The pair form an emotional and sexual relationship that continues even after they both marry. This leaves their wives, Alma and Lureen, married to men who are really in love with each other.

The Twilight Saga - Bella Swan & Jacob Black

Summit Entertainment

In the Twilight series Bella falls in love with a vampire named Edward. That doesn’t stop Jacob from developing feelings for Bella. Bella and Jacob soon form a close bond and the relationship becomes complicated when Jacob declares his love for Bella while she is involved Edward. Although Bella has strong feelings for Jacob she knows that her true love is Edward.

The Notebook - Allison Hamilton & Lon Hammond, Jr.

New Line Cinema

The Notebook tells the story of the young love shared between Allison and Noah. When Allison moves back home the pair are separated and move on with their lives. Allison soon meets Lon and the two are engaged. That is until Noah comes back into her life and sweeps her off her feet once more. Although Lon understands Allison’s past with Noah he wants to keep her to himself but leaves the choice up to her. In the end Allison reunites with Noah.

Edward Scissorhands - Edward Scissorhands & Kim Boggs

20th Century Fox

From the very beginning Edward had fallen in love with Kim. Kim was fearful of Edward and didn’t return his feelings and had a boyfriend, Jim. It isn’t until the end of the film that Kim realizes how wonderful Edward really is and returns his affections.

Sixteen Candles - Samantha Baker & Jake Ryan

Universal Pictures

It’s Samantha’s 16th birthday but the day is completely overshadowed by her older sister’s wedding. Nothing seems to be about her on her special day and to make matters worse she is plagued by her infatuation with popular and handsome senior, Jake. By the film’s end, Jake has broken up with his girlfriend and finally returns Samantha’s affections.

Titanic - Rose DeWitt Bukater & Caledon Nathan Hockley

20th Century Fox

Rose and Cal were already engaged before boarding the Titanic. Cal loved Rose and wanted nothing more but to cherish her but to Rose it was nothing more than an arranged marriage. Things get increasingly complicated when Rose meets Jack on board the Titanic and they fall in love leading Cal to become jealous and dangerous.

Chasing Amy - Holden McNeil & Alyssa Jones

Miramax Films

When Holden meets Alyssa at a comic book convention he is immediately attracted to her. Even though Alyssa is attracted to women the two eventually begin a relationship. As Holden learns more of Alyssa’s past he becomes increasing insecure about Alyssa’s feelings for him and ends up sabotaging their relationship.

The Dark Knight - Bruce Wayne & Rachel Dawes

Warner Bros. Pictures

Bruce and Rachel were childhood friends. As they grew up their feelings for each other deepened to the point of love. But Rachel knew that as long as Bruce was Batman that they could never be together. Bruce, consumed with being Batman, still loved Rachel even though she had moved on and fallen in love with Harvey Dent. Before her untimely death, Rachel chose Harvey.

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