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    Everything You Always Wanted To Know About The Isle Of Man (But Were Too Afraid To Ask)

    Who would have thought a 15 mile wide island would have so much to offer.

    People from the Isle of Man are called 'Manx'

    It has its own language

    It has its own money

    It's home to the largest working water wheel in the world

    Disco was born there

    As was the fastest man on two wheels

    They won a gold medal at London 2012

    And now there are even Manx people making themselves at home in Hollywood

    Is it NOT part of the UK

    And it is NOT part of Europe

    It has the oldest continuous parliament in the world

    There is no national speed limit

    Its national dish is Spuds & Herrin

    Though locals under a certain age would tell you it's chips, cheese and gravy

    You can see the whole of the UK from the Island

    It didn't escape WWII

    The Island was named the fifth most likely nation to reach the moon next

    Their cats have no tails

    And their sheep have four horns

    It is the centre of the motorcycling world

    And Obama doesn't like it very much

    Come on Barack, how can you be angry at anywhere with views like this...

    And oh yeah... they have a Fairy Bridge. A FAIRY BRIDGE. FOR FAIRIES!