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9 Reasons Why Instagram Is The Most Important Social Network For Businesses

Instagram is often overshadowed by Facebook and Twitter; however, use it right and it can be far more powerful than both of them combined. Here's why...

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1. Instagram has 600 million monthly active users.

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2. Instagram is crushing both Facebook and Twitter when it comes to brand engagement!

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3. It turns your crummy photography into a work of art -- perfect for corporate branding!

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4. Allows you to show off the "personal" side of your business in a natural manner.

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5. You can link your Instagram account to other social media networks to maximize exposure.

6. Your little community of followers will come back time and time again.

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7. You can expand your reach by using #hashtags.

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8. And collaborate with other businesses and followers by using the @mention feature -- perfect for cross promotion!

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9. And lastly, the more Instagram followers you have the higher you'll feature in the explore section!

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