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10 Ways To Improve Your Hiring Process And Find The Perfect Employee

Find out how to find the perfect candiate for your job opening using these 10 tried and tested interview techniques.

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Define the job beforehand. Surprisingly, too many employers fail to specify exactly what they need/expect and end up with a useless slush pile of resumes.

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Use a checklist. Filter down your initial batch of potential candidates by systematizing your approach.

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Pre-screen candidates of interest. A quick conversation on the phone will give you an idea of whether their salary exceptions, qualifications and social skills are suitable for the position.

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Check references! It's no secret that people tend to tell the odd white lie on a resume. Unfortunately, in today's business culture it's all-too-common for a resume to be a complete fabrication!

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Avoid snakes in suits. Charisma and charm may be great characteristics, but don't let them manipulate you.

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Use the SWAN Formula: smart, works hard, ambitious, nice. A good employee will have all of these qualities.

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Watch out for laziness. Candidates who have been sitting on their backside for the last year probably won't change when they get a job. Use competency-based interviewing techniques to predict future performance.

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Use several interviewers. Getting a second opinion on your shortlist will help you filter down serious candidates.

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Interview people in a variety of different settings. People will change their personality depending on their surroundings.

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When you've made your choice keep your options open. Start with a trial contract before committing to something long-term. This will keep your chosen candidate on their toes.

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