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10 Reasons Why Schools Should Embrace Audio Visual Technology

Audio visual technology is making its way into our schools. Here are ten reasons why we should all embrace it.

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10. We all remember how temperamental old-school overhead projectors were...

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9. And how we could never quite hear the teacher during assembly

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8. According to KPMS, modern projectors and PA systems can solve these issues.

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7. And let's not forget that kids are growing up with smart technology.

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6. Using their phones in the classroom (whether we like it or not!)

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5. Schools that allow the use of smart technology report higher levels of engagement.

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4. And wouldn't school have been more interesting with an interactive whiteboard?

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3. Or a computer lab!

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2. Fundamentally, audio visual technology heightens student engagement.

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1. And makes the learning exeprience a joy!

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