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31 Tweets About Farts That We All Secretly Relate To

"Why does a fart smell worse in the shower than it does anywhere else?"

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The stuff of nightmares.

When i try to do a silent fart in class and it starts coming out slow and high pitched

Doing the Lord's work.

@KoukoneiRawle / Via Twitter: @KoukoneiRawle

For those in retail...

@From_The70s / Via Twitter: @From_The70s

This person asking the important questions.

@David2Inkd / Via Twitter: @David2Inkd

When you're a master of disguise at the gym.

@GarciaCrys / Via Twitter: @GarciaCrys


@yhprumx / Via Twitter: @yhprumx

"Are you OK?" "Yeah, I'm fine, why do you ask?"

When you're around your crush but you gotta fart real bad

*Suddenly questions every FaceTime conversation.*

@lomehli / Via Twitter: @lomehli

The real reason why we should be afraid of elevators.

@marinacarlson / Via Twitter: @marinacarlson

This actual thing that happens to a lot of people.

@carlataa / Via Twitter: @carlataa


@nick_JASSY / Via Twitter: @nick_JASSY

Children can have such brilliant logic!

@NoBadHairDays2 / Via Twitter: @NoBadHairDays2

Holding on to our youth.

@Nickthewhitaker / Via Twitter: @Nickthewhitaker

This detail that is being seriously overlooked in the U.S.

@cjsimpson / Via Twitter: @cjsimpson

When you agree to meet your friend for yoga after dinner.

@ReneeHooray / Via Twitter: @ReneeHooray

When you are gassy but you wanna dance anyway.

@REALAndyGibson / Via Twitter: @REALAndyGibson

Never trust the headphones.

@CourtneyLabo / Via Twitter: @CourtneyLabo

For those who live in colder climates.

@BenHardiman_ / Via Twitter: @BenHardiman_

This scientific breakdown.

@Thakuraain_M / Via Twitter: @Thakuraain_M

This person's admirable pride.

that moment your friends sniff that smelly fart.

*Cancels Classpass.*

@saucysarz / Via Twitter: @saucysarz

One of the many great things about living in a dorm.

@AndreaClev_ / Via Twitter: @AndreaClev_


@navin_xo / Via Twitter: @navin_xo

Going to remember this one the next time I fall into a thirst trap.

@majasumting / Via Twitter: @majasumting

Clubs in general are just giant fartfests.

@Son1aO / Via Twitter: @Son1aO

The best sort of relief.

@penjamin_ / Via Twitter: @penjamin_

What people mean when they say they are having a post-workout rest.

@Mon3y_R_Us / Via Twitter: @Mon3y_R_Us

Maybe long-distance relationships aren't so hard after all!

@ohmadelineee / Via Twitter: @ohmadelineee

Perhaps something the GOP should really be debating about.

@ALGORHYTHM_95 / Via Twitter: @ALGORHYTHM_95

Is it acceptable to fart at a urinal

Is it appropriate to fart at the urinal

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