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Pizzas — They're Just Like Us!

They may live in a pizza box but pies likes these have no problem doing every day tasks. In fact, they're just like us!

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Like us, they enjoy a poolside sunbath!

They make friends with cute animals...

They work on household chores!

and help with the groceries!

Sometimes they trip in puddles! Oops!

But that won't stop them from dropping into that skate bowl...

...or making that slam dunk!

They hang out on fire escapes...

...hydrate at the water fountain...

...and seize weird photo ops with their friends!

They love to go on adventures...

...and are totally willing to lend a helping hand!

So let's agree on a cease-fire.

New York, deep dish, frozen, brick oven... they're all good so let's quit hating on the "less tasty" interpretations, for the pizza's sake.

And thank photographer Jon Paul Douglass for catching all of these pizzas outside their box.

You can follow this ongoing project by tracking #pizzainthewild.

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