Here's What Life On A Nudist Resort Actually Looks Like [NSFW]

    It looks surprisingly similar to the way the rest of us live. But without clothes.

    Photographer Laura Pannack observed nudist group, Young British Naturists, a group for naturists aged under 30 and the name for this body of work, to get an inside look into the daily lives of people who prefer to live sans clothing. On the topic of nudity, Laura explains that "nakedness is a concept as much as it is a state of being, and one wreathed in paradox. With it are bound notions of privacy, self possession, jurisdiction. It can connote innocence or sexuality, purity or depravity. It can signify both power and vulnerability, used to liberate or humiliate."

    Despite this profundity, Pannack discovered something.

    As it turns out, nudists spend their time at home quite similarly to non-nudists.

    They play foosball with their friends.

    They read the paper when it rains.

    And catch some rays when it does not.

    They watch sports on TV.

    And play video games in their room.

    They take smoke breaks.

    And enjoy midday sweets.

    They listen to the news on the radio.

    And take spontaneous naps.

    They enjoy a good BBQ.

    Or a game of pool.

    And they socialize both inside...

    ...or outside.

    On the topic of nudity, one YBN member explains, "When all other things are held equal, when nude, a rich person appears no different than a poor person."

    For more photography by Laura Pannack, look through her portfolio at

    CORRECTION: The word colony was replaced from the title after discovery that the term is dated and out of use by naturists.