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Artist Spray Paints Earth To Beautify Daily Commute

The rest of the commuting world could probably use something like this.

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German artist Katharina Grosse teamed up with the City of Philadelphia's Mural Arts Program last month to reinvent the typical view commuters observe during their daily train ride.

“I need the brilliance of color to get close to people, to stir up a sense of life experience and heighten their sense of presence,” states the artist who has named the series of seven murals psychylustro.

The murals can be spotted along railroads just north of Philadelphia.

As you can see, it has been a welcome sight for sore eyes.

Don't feel like paying for a train ticket? Many of these locations can be seen on foot.

Friendly reminder: trespassing railroad property is dangerous and it can get you in trouble!

And you can start following #psychylustro for some examples of the ride.

MuralArts plans to maintain psychylustro for six months before letting nature runs its course with it.

Or letting other graffiti artists reclaim these spaces.

Here you can see some time-lapse of the work in progress.

View this video on YouTube

Grosse has completed several other works of art where she similarly paints bright colors onto natural materials, like this work of art titled I Think This Is A Pine Tree.

And this untitled installation at the Nasher Museum.

If you REALLY love this kind of stuff, you can even deck yourself out in some Katharina Grosse merchandise!

Weltenbuerger, a Los Angeles-based clothing retailer sells this Grosse-printed shirt for $332.

Graffiti is still illegal, though.