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Top 5 Carpentry Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed!

Some days you just wish you had a handy little tool that made your life that much easier, even for the small things other wouldn’t think twice about. Sometimes those small, almost insignificant things take up a minute here, and minute there… and it all adds up. So here are 5 carpentry tools you might not have thought you needed, and will save you time, and many, many headaches:

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1. Magnetic Wristband

Vat 19 / Via

By the time you’ve bought adhesive magnets and taken the time to glue them to the base of your hammer, you might as well have invested in a magnetic wristband, especially as it can hold a lot more than just a couple of nails!

If you’re climbing up ladders, or just need screws and nails (literally) to hand, this little wristband is going to save you time going up and down a ladder all day, or attempting to fish things out of your pockets (why do they instantly feel deeper as soon as you’re looking for something?)

2. Contour Gauge Duplicator

Amazon / Via

Where has this gadget been all our lives?

Okay, so this might not look like the most exciting piece of kit you might take with you on a carpentry job, but once you start using it, you’ll never look back. Rather than taking a painful amount of time measuring every nook and cranny on an awkward skirting board (for example) you can just whip out your contour gauge and boom – instant outline you can transfer onto the wood you need to cut!

3. Carpenter’s pens and pencils

Wranglerstar DIY / Via

We’ve all been there – popped the pencil down to drill, only to turn back and find it’s rolled away and out of sight.

Carpenter’s pencils (and pens) are always handy to have in those situations, to prevent your pencils from disappearing whilst your back is turned, and yet sometimes we forget to keep stocking up on them! So here’s your friendly reminder you can get a pack of 13 for less than £4

4. Scribing Tool

ThingamejigTools / Via

There are multiple different kinds of scribing tools out there for you to try, but grabbing a scribing tool that actually scores the wood accurately for you is another level of handy. Unlike scribing tools that just mark the wood with a pencil line, having one that scores the wood helps with accuracy with cutting as you’re less likely to go over the line.

5. Drill Extension

AJC Carpentry / Via

For those hard to reach places, this drill extension is indispensable when fitting pieces together. You’ll never want to be without one again.

And that’s it! Our top 5 picks of carpentry tools you’ll find indispensable. Got any you use on a regular basis that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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