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Do I Move To A Second-Hand Home Or A New Build?

We have all thought about moving out of the nest and starting fresh, but many people ask the same question: Do I move to a second-hand home or a new build? There are many advantages and disadvantages of doing both, so below are my suggestions on what I think you should do.

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Moving to a second-hand home

If you are thinking of moving to a new home that is second-hand, you will have to think about what you can do with it and how to add value to it. Second-hand homes involve a lot of work, time and money but the results can be amazing.

Completing a loft-conversion, room or kitchen can give you a sense of achievement that you wouldn’t have in a new build. Second-hand homes are also cheaper than newly built homes but there would be more costs on maintenance. If you like your DIY and decorating, I highly recommend moving to a second-hand home.

Moving to a new home (or new build)

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A new home means a brand new start. Moving to a new build means that you are moving to a new community. Although a new home is usually more expensive than an old home, you would be saving costs on electricity in the long run because they are more economical.

New homes are usually more secure and also low maintenance (unless you want to redecorate it!). Another good reason to move to a brand new build is that there is usually no chain, you can just make the purchase and move in.


Now that you have read the advantages and disadvantages of moving to a new or used house, what would you do?

If you are more of a hands-on person that wants to crack on with a DIY project, I would suggest moving to a second-hand home.

If you just want to move straight away without any hassle, I would move to a new build home. What do you think? Please comment below

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