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5 Irresistible Georgian Interior Design Ideas

Georgian homes are some of the most interesting homes to decorate – whether you’re thinking of melding contemporary with the old aesthetics of an old building, or paying homage to the history of your home, you’ll find many styles will fit perfectly into a Georgian interior when they’d look out of place elsewhere.

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1. The Modernist

Harefield Place / Via

If you love everything modern, then embracing the dichotomy of old versus new will give your listed home a wonderfully quirky and eclectic vibe.

Don’t be afraid to embrace darker colours – those big, beautiful sash windows let in enough light for you to experiment with a more inventive colour scheme than newer houses.

If you’re still unsure about committing to darker colours, then think about making the wall with the most windows a feature wall in a darker shade, and leaving the opposing walls white. This will give your room dimension, but still allow light coming through your windows to hit and reflect off a light surface.

2. The Cosy Home


Some people particularly love a cosy home (hygge is all the rage these days), and nothing suits a cosy home style better than a historic home – especially regency era houses.

To achieve a truly hygge home, scatter candles of varying sizes amongst your décor – on the mantle, by your bedside and even on the window sill. Grab some chunky knit cushions and blankets off Etsy for your sofa, and put your books on display.

Throw in a mix of deep reds and burnt oranges to your décor and you’re good to go.

Mmmm, cosy!

3. The Georgian Renaissance


Maybe you’re looking at buying a Georgian home because you love regency architecture, and dream of feeling like a character in a Jane Austen novel (we know we do!)

Bringing that grand yet quaint atmosphere back to an older property can be one of the most satisfying home décor projects out there, but how do you make it a sympathetic redesign?

The easiest way is to find complimentary furniture, and the best places to look are antique dealers, although charity shops often have some hidden gems you might be unable to find elsewhere, so it’s worth a look!

If you want to go further, looking at sourcing and adding in additional period features (like regency style panelling) into your property can really help make a difference.

4. The Minimalist

Manorgrove Homes / Via

Ah minimalism – a word that prompts people to quip “less is more” at any opportunity, and is the frequent daydream of most of us who’ve gathered too much sentimental clutter.

Yet moving is the perfect time to undergo a deep cleanse of all the unnecessary odds and ends we’ve collected over the years in favour of a freer kind of living. Minimalism is about functionality, so only keep what you need. Got a huge pile of books you haven’t got around to reading? Only keep a few so that you know you will eventually read them. Got too many little decorations? Only keep the statement pieces.

Once you’ve detoxed yourself of clutter, you’ll find living your new home will feel surprisingly liberating in comparison. Keep things simple by having neutral colours throughout, (greys, whites and lighter hues of brown) and keeping decorations to a minimum of one or two statement pieces in a room.

And hey presto! Your friends will jealously marvel at your permanently neat, put-together home.

5. The Creative

Some people love having homes as creative and colourful as they are, and big, bright colour schemes are the best way to inject instant personality into home!

Adding accents of vivid colour to your home – like a rug, some cushions, a lamp – can help add that little bit of quirk to make your home as unique as you. Feeling bolder? Why not paint an entire wall (or two or three) in a vivid shade, adding complimentary colours to your décor to make it perfect!

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