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Oscars 2012: Why It Mattered

This year, we had breakthroughs such as The Artist, a silent movie not made in Los Angeles, winning Best Picture, and its (French) leading man taking Best Actor. It is the first silent film since 1929's Wings to take home Best Picture. And that was just one of its five wins, acknowledging and rewarding its creativity and daringly bold move as a movie in this day of ever-increasing 3D, special effects and more.

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The full article is here (below is an excerpt): Oscars, if nothing else, celebrate how the good idea can somehow survive the battleground of day-to-day business. In the normal business climate, we sometimes need to be reminded of how vitally important innovation and creativity are to business survival and that it’s not merely a “creative exercise.”An event like the Oscars shows the power of creative achievement and collaboration. The spotlight is on all of the players who cumulatively make a creative concept work, from actors, to directors, to camera operators, to set designers. Creativity happens at every stage in the creation of a film.
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