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Kim Kardashian: Boom Or Bust

David Brier, Fast Company expert blogger and brand identity guru had this fantasy. It goes something like this: "While in my office enjoying my morning Illy cappuccino, I am alerted an important call has just come in: Ms. Kardashian is on the line. I answer the phone. What ensues is a conversation one could only dream about: she is an admirer of my work, has a fragrance line coming out and would like to commission me to design the new brand and its launch. By the time our call is done, the froth on my cappuccino has long since disappeared but that's okay. Life is good. There's more cappuccino where that came from. I hear a siren outside the window to awaken and realize it was only a dream...."

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This Fast Company post was the result of a dream which seemed innocent at the time.

I wondered if a new celebrity brand could be launched in today's market that took full advantage of my expertise and skills to marry them up with the right celebrity to take it to a whole new level? After this, I thought about my newfound friend, Kim Kardashian and thought, "Who else could kick off a brand that would launch a thousand ships?" Kim would be perfect.

I mean...

J Lo has fragrances, colognes, and perfumes.

Queen Latifah has clothing and makeup.

Elizabeth Taylor has her Diamonds fragrance line.

Donald Trump has his clothing line, premium vodka and more.

Beyonce has a line of clothing and a new line of temporary tattoos.

Diddy has everything you can name.

Lindsey Lohan may be coming out with a prison breakout clothing line any day now, while Charlie Sheen may introduce a Tiger Blood beverage before the week is out.

I figure we could give Jay Z, Gwen Stefani, Jessica Simpson and The Olsen Twins a run for their money.

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