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  • 50 Shades Of Crema (where Sex Meets Caffeine)

    It’s this Saturday that more free coffee will be shared and celebrated throughout the US! Saturday’s National Coffee Day Celebrated By Design Firm To celebrate, Fast Company expert blogger, award-winning designer and coffee enthusiast David Brier created a post, 50 Shades of Crema as a “coffee confessional” to bare his soul for all to see. His opening line tells all: “The luscious aromatic intoxication I held up to my lips warmed my insides like the soft caress of a silk wrap embracing the smooth virgin shoulders of a young starlet at her Hollywood premier debut….”

  • Oscars 2012: Why It Mattered

    This year, we had breakthroughs such as The Artist, a silent movie not made in Los Angeles, winning Best Picture, and its (French) leading man taking Best Actor. It is the first silent film since 1929’s Wings to take home Best Picture. And that was just one of its five wins, acknowledging and rewarding its creativity and daringly bold move as a movie in this day of ever-increasing 3D, special effects and more.

  • Escape From Super Bowl Advertising Hell

    At $3.5 million for a 30-second spot, it’ll cost you $116,666 per second to reach viewers of Super Bowl XLVI. And the buzz surrounding this Sunday’s spots is eclipsing Madonna’s halftime show. Has the world gone to Hell? Brand expert David Brier teams up with cartoonist Tom Fishburne to present another side to this year’s Sunday extravaganza.

  • Chocolate And World Peace [Explicit Video]

    I never made a sex tape but when talking about chocolate, who needs one? I go to “the dark side” in this video and unveil what was involved in creating this award-winning packaging for this boutique chocolatier. http://cr8id.com/legacy-chocolate/

  • Breaking Out Of Your Shell (Typographic Porn)

    Those lovely orbs of deliciousness, and the lightest touch sets them afire to ooze over your lips in mouth-gasm of biblical proportions. Mmmmmm. Who knew what sensuality awaited inside that neat little innocent package nature provided us? This typographic porn has been brought to you by brand identity designer David Brier, known for when to go over easy and when to get scrambled.

  • Coffee Lover Porn

    Since I miss my hometown New York City, I bring the city to wherever I am. I created this retro poster of coffee (that’s part of an upcoming book) will also become a limited edition poster. When it ships, the exposed brick wall will not be included.

  • Kim Kardashian: Boom Or Bust

    David Brier, Fast Company expert blogger and brand identity guru had this fantasy. It goes something like this: “While in my office enjoying my morning Illy cappuccino, I am alerted an important call has just come in: Ms. Kardashian is on the line. I answer the phone. What ensues is a conversation one could only dream about: she is an admirer of my work, has a fragrance line coming out and would like to commission me to design the new brand and its launch. By the time our call is done, the froth on my cappuccino has long since disappeared but that’s okay. Life is good. There’s more cappuccino where that came from. I hear a siren outside the window to awaken and realize it was only a dream….”

  • The Secrets Of Brand Leaders & Sex: The Untold Story

    Love, lust and sensuality have been around as long as fire. Who knows, maybe they created the first spark that made fire seem desirable. Our passion for brands, branding and “stuff that works” can be as insatiable and hot-blooded as any romantic fling. Brand leaders know that a killer product launch is one of the greatest aphrodisiacs there is. How can you ensure that your brand ends up on top? Well, this shows you, in graphic detail, exactly how. Brought to you by Fast Company expert blogger and brand identity guru David Brier.

  • YouTube Beatbox Master Tackles Design

    Each of these is a first take. No redos and no overdubs. After getting over 4.5 million YouTube views, Master beatboxer Esalaah decided to apply his amazing improv and beatbox skills using the work of brand identity specialist and Fast Company expert blogger David Brier. Using the package designs and brand identities created by David Brier as his inspiration, Esalaah created a kaleidoscope of sounds, grooves and beats to add a new dimension to Brier’s logo and package design work.

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