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50 Shades Of Crema (where Sex Meets Caffeine)

It's this Saturday that more free coffee will be shared and celebrated throughout the US! Saturday's National Coffee Day Celebrated By Design Firm To celebrate, Fast Company expert blogger, award-winning designer and coffee enthusiast David Brier created a post, 50 Shades of Crema as a "coffee confessional" to bare his soul for all to see. His opening line tells all: “The luscious aromatic intoxication I held up to my lips warmed my insides like the soft caress of a silk wrap embracing the smooth virgin shoulders of a young starlet at her Hollywood premier debut….”

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Crema? For those not familiar with what crema is exactly, it is the tan-colored foam that forms on top of an espresso shot made up of minuscule air bubbles, forming a “cap” that protects the espresso proper from being exposed to the air.

THE STEAMY SIDE OF COFFEE (AND BRANDING)Some like it hot while others love it cool. To some, it’s sex. To others, it’s foreplay. To many, it’s a way of life that oftentimes borders on a glazed look of one deeply in love.And yes, I am talking about coffee….Yes — and branding. Two subjects I get very, very animated about.And while I find coffee is best served when inspiration is allowed to percolate while letting one’s inhibitions go AWOL, I’ve learned this ability is something that works — in the hands of a seasoned practitioner — equally well in branding.But not everything is so black and white as you’ll see below. There are some grey areas.For more, go here:
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