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11 Of Sunday's Super Bowl 13's TV Spots

Can't wait until Sunday for the Super Bowl spots? See 11 of Sunday's TV Spots here, compiled for DBD fans and clients.

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Besides the over 79,000 viewers that will pack the stadium to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, the Super Bowl ranks as the most watched show on TV all year. Last was a record 111+ million viewers, the most viewers to watch a single show in US history.

While the commercials aim to score touchdowns as well as the opposing teams, who really wins here?

The network of course (a 30-second spot in the '70s cost around $40,000 compared to $3.8 million today. But did you know:

$125 million will be spent on chicken wings?

An estimated 70+ million pounds of guacamole will be scarfed down?

Approximately 50 million cases of beer will be consumed?

And it's anybody's guess how much pizza will be devoured….

Brand identity specialist David Brier compiled 11 of this Sunday's spots for those who cannot wait...

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