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How To Activate Your New Apple IPad 2

So you are wondering how to activate your new Apple iPad or iPad 2? Like the 1st generation iPad, the iPad 2 will need to be activated using the same simple process. This can be done in just a few minutes and you’ll need an Apple iTunes account to get the job done with either of the iPads. Steps To Take 1.) Create an Apple iTunes Account 2.) Connect the Apple iPad to your PC 3.) Once you add your iTunes account information along with your name and device serial number, you’ll be activated. NOTE: If you are upgrading from the 1st iPad to the iPad 2, you just need to connect your old iPad to your PC first. Then do a full backup (data sync) of your 1st generation iPad (do the backup before you activate your new iPad). When your backup is complete, just connect your new iPad 2 to your PC and then do a backup restore after activation. Now all of your data is transferred to your iPad 2 from your old one. Your done!

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