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    • David1a

      To “s12334”:
      The only person who needs “educating” is you. I daresay you’ve never read a single book on the Balfour Declaration, the Arab Revolt, the Zionist expansion into 1920s Palestine or the growth of Jewish-Israeli terrorist groups such as the Irgun. I would hazard a guess you know nothing about the bombing of the King David Hotel which slaughtered 92 civilians, nor of the parcel bombs sent to British army personnel at their *weddings* in London by Jewish terrorist groups. It is the most shameful and stupid act by the western world that we permitted the mass migration of European and American Jewry into Palestine. It has now caused the further deaths of thousands of our citizens in New York, London, Madrid, and across the world. Until the US stops backing an Israel guilty of horrific war crimes we will have no peace.

    • David1a

      Whom Hamas hates is of absolutely no relevance whatsoever. I couldn’t care less if they “hate” Buddhists, Catholics, Zoroastrians or the Man In The Moon; they’re decision is to fight to protect a nation stolen from them from the end of Ottoman rule in 1918 straight through to 2014 by Europeans who happen to be Jewish- their war has nothin to do with religion - they want their FREEDOM and they want it now. By your bizarre definition, George Washington must be considered a terrorist along with Mandela and every other man who fought for his freedom. Hamas isn’t the problem, it’s the *result* of the problem: American taxpayers’ money being poured into a genocidal Israeli government which now finally stands accused of direct and incontrovertible War Crimes.

    • David1a

      Anyone talking about Israel’s “right to self-defence” is utterly deluded; Palestine has been under a disgraceful campaign of murder, ethnic cleansing, and land theft since the 1920s when the Zionist groups (who were utterly rejected by Jews living in Palestine) began flooding into the country from Europe under a veil of lies. It is a defining fact regarding American stupidity that so many Americans seem incapable of picking up a book and reading about Israeli/Jewish terrorist groups who maimed and murdered hundreds of Allied personnel in the 1940s in order to steal Palestine while the world turned a blind eye. Just google “King David Hotel Bombing” and educate yourselves for once. Palestinians are defending the land stolen from them in the most unimaginably sadistic and contemptuous fashion conceivable.

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