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9 Things To Do When Buzzfeed's LOL Section Isn't Updating

The LOL section is my favourite. It amuses, entertains, confuses..... and helps me procrastinate like a boss. But what do you do when it's a slow day in LOL land? Here are some suggestions..

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1. Read a book, seriously Game of Thrones is really long and there's like 7 books or something....

Edu In Review / Via

2. You could clean up..... you haven't washed up in.... a while

Uggh later maybe
Pat is Dead / Via

Uggh later maybe

3. You could learn that instrument you always wanted to

Giphy / Via

Nah too hard.

4. Learn that language you always wanted to be able to speak

Reginaa Phalange Tumblr / Via

Nailed it!

5. Alcohol!

Summer TIme Shots Tumblr / Via

6. Try to hook up with someone

Paradie Ciircue Tumblr / Via

7. Learn to Dance..... Saucily....

8. Get outside! Take the dog for a walk or something!

Maybe later Fido.
The Telegraph / Via

Maybe later Fido.

9. You could..... oh sod it, just keep hitting F5!

Klei Entertainment Forums / Via

Have faith, new LOL will appear. Eventually.

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