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The 14 Most Stylish Chickens You'll See This Spring

Here's what we can expect to see from the most fashionable chickens this season. At times brazen, reserved, showy, and obscure, there's something for everyone in this collection.

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1. The Festive Updo

Push it up, but keep it chaotic for a just-rolled-out-bed look.

5. Mismatched

Split your color scheme down the middle this season. The "Two Face" look is in!

7. Skin Suit

Wear skin-tight skin colors for the nothing-at-all look, and you'll be a hot topic at any party.

10. Halloween Frills

Go against the grain with autumnal colors- the flashier, the better.

11. Tan Thigh-Highs and Tan Boho Sun Dress

Suggestive, seductive, comfortable boots. These'll never go out. The dress is casual, the boots are chic, and the combo is exquisite.

12. Furry Boots

Thought you'd seen the last of these? You thought wrong.

13. Silk Coat with Leather Hood and Leather Scarf

It's street style meets high society.

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