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The 16 Most Supremely Relaxing Gifs You'll See Today

Take a little vacation today with these GIFs. There's just something about them that makes you feel really, really good inside.

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1. Tea, Anyone?

Feels so good.

2. Breeze

Those shadows.

3. Unlocked


4. Cloud Ocean

Wish I lived there.

5. Crunch

So supremely satisfying.

6. Summer Afternoon

Nap time.

7. Happy Hour


8. Spin That, DJ

Simpler times.

9. Metropolis


10. Whalin' Out


11. Calvin and Hobbes

They taught us so much.

12. Quiet Street

Soothing, right?

13. Empty Station

So hypnotic.

14. Rainy Day Cat

It's warm inside.

15. Snowy


16. Coffee

Wish we could smell it, too.

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