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    • daves90

      Funny, I hate that all Brits run like Benny Hill and walk like the Monty Python crew. And why can’t those wankers put some money into producing tv shows rather than taking donations on the street. And there is a CLEAR difference between a muffin and a biscuit— However, I am proud of them for spelling Grey properly. Also laughing at the tweet by Emma Greenall, y’know? - - - But the best thing about the Brits is when they got their rumps booted back across the ocean in the revolution, and now all they can do is twitter like little birds. (all in fun, luv)

    • daves90

      Your math is totally flawed, and really pointless when you keep the MST3K theme song in mind. “If your wondering how he eats and breathes, and other science facts… repeat to yourself its just a show, I should really just relax.” - - -  However, you are forgetting that only 50% of those initial survivors of the virus are of fighting age and or strength. If you calculate that the original group, counting Edwin Jenner just for fun was at least 20, and that over the course of the show only Rick, Carl, Carol & Daryl have survived, met up with the Farm group which had 6, half of which have died, then met up with the 5 in the prison, all of which have died, joined up with the survivors of Woodbury - population 100? - of which only 20 or so are still alive… you get the point. TLDR: Your math subtracts zombie kills from the overall zombie population but fails to subtract human deaths from the remaining population (adjusted for fighting strength persons).

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