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28 Extremely Specific Things Everyone's Rich Friend Definitely Had In Their Home

The HEIGHT of luxury.

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1. A silver refrigerator with a built in ice machine and water dispenser:

Seriously doesn't get much more luxurious than this.

2. Or a fridge that looked like a cabinet:

Rich people love to camouflage things.

3. Not to mention a garbage can that was impossible to find:

You usually had to open six drawers before your friend would tell you the right one.

4. And a kitchen island:

You're tellin' me you got MORE space to throw random crap onto? Wow. Okay Bill Gates!

5. An aggressively huge and glossy big screen TV:

It was like watching a movie in your home, only every single light in the world reflected off the screen and it sounded like a buncha pennies rolling around in a Chef Boyardee can.

With digital cable, of course:

Truly mind-blowing the first time you use a TV with digital cable after years of basic cable.

6. A treadmill in the basement no one has touched in years:

Sadly sitting in the corner gathering dust.

7. A WORKING air hockey table:

Yes, WORKING. This wasn't just a table for junk but the cherry on top of a finished basement.

8. A trampoline in their backyard, preferably without a net:

Got to be as unsafe as possible.

9. An IN-GROUND pool:

Twitter: @AnonUser5936

Complete with that super slippery pool vinyl on the bottom.

10. A DVD or VHS player in their car:

This truly seemed like space-age technology at the time.

And a car with leather seats and SEAT WARMERS:

Gimme that warm ass, baby!

11. A fridge in the garage specifically for beverages and two month old frozen stuff:

Imagine being able to get a drink in your garage? Wow.

12. A giant-ass bean bag chair:

Like, impractically big.

13. These exact light switches:

Like something out of the year 3019.

14. A piano inside a room no one ever went into:

Because one of their children took piano lessons for three weeks.

15. A portable DVD player:

Twitter: @ldn_elek

That probably skipped every 30 seconds.

16. A big-ass dollhouse no one has touched in years:


It's just taking up space now, but it was expensive! They had to keep it around.

17. A fan that "ionized the air" or some nonsense:

18. Robotic toy dogs:

That you almost certainly tripped over one time.

19. A completely random fountain somewhere in the yard:

Rich people have to have a fountain! That's the law!

And some sort of speaker built into a fake rock:


20. A staircase upstairs IMMEDIATELY when you enter the house:


Don't know why, but every rich person had this growing up. Also a useless shelf above the door.

21. A framed photo of the whole family in matching Christmas pajamas:

How come the kids that grew up rich always had those matching pajama family holiday pictures

With the family pet in pajamas too.

22. A framed photo of the family dog who's still alive:

Beer5020 / Getty Images


23. 12 packs of little tiny bottles of name-brand soda inside a stocked pantry:

Generally unrefrigerated, always delicious.

24. Lunchables for their school lunch:

Complete with an Oreo that tasted a little bit like ham.

25. A phone in their ROOM:


26. An iPod dock built IN to a wall:

It may have become obsolete in, like, three years but oh what a three years those were.

27. A tiny child sized car:

That, obviously, hasn't worked in years.

28. And a deck:

Just, like, having a deck. That means you're rich.

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