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28 Extremely Specific Things Everyone's Rich Friend Definitely Had In Their Home

The HEIGHT of luxury.

1. A silver refrigerator with a built in ice machine and water dispenser:

2. Or a fridge that looked like a cabinet:

3. Not to mention a garbage can that was impossible to find:

4. And a kitchen island:

5. An aggressively huge and glossy big screen TV:

With digital cable, of course:

6. A treadmill in the basement no one has touched in years:

7. A WORKING air hockey table:

8. A trampoline in their backyard, preferably without a net:

9. An IN-GROUND pool:

10. A DVD or VHS player in their car:

And a car with leather seats and SEAT WARMERS:

11. A fridge in the garage specifically for beverages and two month old frozen stuff:

12. A giant-ass bean bag chair:

13. These exact light switches:

14. A piano inside a room no one ever went into:

15. A portable DVD player:

16. A big-ass dollhouse no one has touched in years:

17. A fan that "ionized the air" or some nonsense:

18. Robotic toy dogs:

19. A completely random fountain somewhere in the yard:

And some sort of speaker built into a fake rock:

20. A staircase upstairs IMMEDIATELY when you enter the house:

21. A framed photo of the whole family in matching Christmas pajamas:

How come the kids that grew up rich always had those matching pajama family holiday pictures

With the family pet in pajamas too.

22. A framed photo of the family dog who's still alive:

23. 12 packs of little tiny bottles of name-brand soda inside a stocked pantry:

24. Lunchables for their school lunch:

25. A phone in their ROOM:

26. An iPod dock built IN to a wall:

27. A tiny child sized car:

28. And a deck: