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    22 Reasons You Should Never Ever Feel Useless Again


    If you're feeling down or useless right now, just remember:

    1. You'll never be as pointless as this fence:

    2. Or as useless as this mug:

    3. Or this book:

    4. REMEMBER: you matter, unlike these subtitles:

    5. Or this sewer:

    6. Or this walkway:

    7. Seriously. You're great... unlike this sign:

    8. And you're way more important than this sign:

    9. And especially this one:

    10. That's because you matter. Unlike this seat:

    11. And you're not worthless like this candy machine:

    12. Or like a lifeguard during the olympics:

    Worlds most useless job, Olympic Swimmer Lifeguard......

    13. REMEMBER! You're way more useful than these bathroom stalls:

    14. Or this fence:

    15. Or this Uber ride:

    16. AGAIN! You're so much better than this maze:

    17. And you're not pointless at all like Diet Water:

    18. Or like this peephole:

    19. Never forget: you're way more important than this TV:

    20. And way more useful than these windshield wipers:

    21. And unlike this thing here, you matter:

    22. And if all else fails just remember: you're not the white colored pencil: