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24 People You Know Are Definitely Dead Now

RIP. But not really.

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1. Oh, he's dead.

2. Oh, she's definitely dead.

3. This guy reliving his childhood? He's dead:

4. Dead.

5. This girl exercising? She's dead.

6. Oh, she's dead.


7. You know she's dead.

8. These two guys? Dead.

9. Oh, you know he's dead.

10. She's dead.

11. You know he's dead.

12. This guy trying to use a tennis net as a slingshot? He's dead.


13. Oh, she's definitely dead.

14. You know he's dead.

15. Dead.

16. This teacher? Dead.

17. Real dead.

18. You know. YOU KNOW. He's dead.


19. This guy trying to do the Ice Bucket Challenge? He's dead.

20. Shovel girl? Shovelin' on down to dead.

21. Escalator man? He's dead.

22. You know he's dead.

23. Treadmill guy? He's dead.

24. You know she's dead.



Although technically an escalator ELEVATES you to a place above where you currently are (just think about it), the GIF in No. 21 is not of an elevator but an escalator.

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