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    Updated on May 29, 2020. Posted on Jun 11, 2017

    If You Never Ate Any Of These Snacks, You Never Had A Childhood

    Oh, but they were so, so delicious.

    1. Glorious, glorious Dunk-A-Roos:

    2. The most delicious gum in the game... for the 30 seconds it lasted:

    3. Oreo cereal... my sweet Oreo cereal:

    4. The best food the lunchroom had to offer:

    5. Sweet, beautiful cream-savers:

    6. Fruit thangs:

    7. The white shark bites... OH! The white shark bites:

    8. Lollipop goop:

    9. L'il bit of those gushies:

    10. The alpha and the omega of Altoids, Altoid Sours:

    11. Sweet baby push-up pops:

    12. Literal baby bottle pops:

    13. The divine combination of french toast and crunch:

    14. Literal chocolate chips:

    15. A jug fullah gum:

    16. All the fruit you'd ever need:

    17. The best part of elementary school:

    18. All those sodas of yore:

    19. The world's most natural/delicious liquid substance:

    20. That powdered fruit:

    21. Literally just sugar paper:

    23. A foot of fruit:

    24. Sweet, beautiful, gorgeous, precious Surge:

    25. All the joy of Reese's in spherical form:

    26. Freddy's pushings:

    27. Mother Nature's greatest gift, Squeeze-Its:

    28. And these cook— wait, nevermind. No one has ever tasted these. It's always just sewing supplies:

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