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    14 Pictures You'll Get If You Always Laugh At The Worst Possible Time

    It's a blessing and a curse.

    1. It doesn't matter if it happened 30 minutes ago:

    2. Or if it happened 15 years ago:

    3. If it's in class:

    4. Or to your own joke:

    5. (Especially to your own joke):

    6. Everything is funny:

    7. It doesn't have to make sense:

    8. Actually, it's a lot better when it doesn't:

    9. Because you're always going to be laughing uncontrollably:

    10. I'm talking "table slapping" uncontrollably:

    11. It's who you ARE:

    12. And while some might see that as not the best thing:

    13. And your friends might have to be extra patient:

    14. Honestly, they're just jealous: