26 Absolutely Perfect Ways To Respond To A Wrong Number Text

Now you’re prepared.

1. The Standard Cat Approach:

3. The Aggressive Burrito Approach:

4. The Just Chillin Approach:

5. The Cat? Approach:

6. The Urkel Approach:

7. The Mimic Approach:

8. The Kris Jenner Approach:

9. The You Probably Didn’t Want To Talk To Them ANYWAY Approach:

10. The Cage Approach:

11. The Coach Approach:

12. The Ice Approach:

13. The Pretend You’re Someone’s Little Brother Approach:

15. The Sloth Approach:

16. The Different Language Approach:

17. The Shoulder To Cry On Approach:

18. The DOG Approach:

19. The JESSICA Approach:

20. The Titanic Approach:

21. The School Picture Approach:

22. The Easter Approach:

23. The Compliment Approach:

24. The Linda Approach:

25. The Trying To Party Approach:

26. And, of course, The Cat Facts Approach:

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