Kids On The Internet Are Wishing They Were Born In The '90s And, Oh My God, I'm Old

    I'm... melting...

    Remember being younger and wishing you were born in the '60s or '70s or whatever? Always saying you were born in the "wrong generation"? Well, I've got some bad news:

    1. It's begun.

    2. It's happening.

    3. It's finally come to this.

    4. Saints preserve us.

    5. We're through the looking glass here, people.

    6. People are saying they wish they were born in the '90s.

    7. Like, THE '90S.

    8. Like, the couldn't-be-more-than-like-10-years-ago '90s.

    9. Good gravy.

    10. What year is it?

    11. Woah nelly.

    12. Whoa best-selling artist Nelly.

    13. Technically true.

    14. I'm... fading... away...

    15. I'm... melting...

    16. Woof.

    17. This one hurts.