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19 Things That Are Way Bigger Than Your Dumb Brain Thought They Were

"I had no idea" —You.

1. This is what a gorilla's hand looks like compared to our tiny hands:

2. Have you ever seen a moose? This is how freakin' huge a moose is:

3. This is how big a traffic light is:

4. And this is how big a road sign is:

5. This is how big the Great Pyramid of Giza is compared to a tiny human:

6. And this is the largest tree in the world. It's big:

7. Here's how big a comet is compared to the city of Los Angeles:

8. And this is how big the United States is compared to the moon:

9. See this? This is how many Earths would fit inside the sun:

10. And here's what $10,000 in hundreds looks like compared to $10,000 in ones:

11. And, while we're at it, this is how big a billion is:

12. This is how big a cruise ship is these days compared to the PUNY Titanic:

13. Check this out — it's a mining dump truck compared to a school bus:

14. This beautiful creature is a full-grown wombat. It's big. Very big:

15. This is the difference between a wolf and some coyotes:

16. And this is what a horse's lungs look like, fully inflated:

17. This is how big the Mars Curiosity rover is:

18. This is how big Michelangelo's "David" is compared to a person:

19. And, finally, here's Yao Ming. The dude standing next to Yao is SEVEN FEET tall: