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22 Things You Wouldn't Wish On Your Worst Enemy


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1. No one, not even your worst enemy, should have to go through this:

2. No one deserves this:


3. No one deserves to live your worst fear:

4. No one deserves to look down in despair:

5. No one should have to go through with this:

6. NO ONE:

7. No one deserves this pain:

8. No one deserves this sorrow:

9. No one:

10. Nothing deserves to be bounced into nachos:

11. Nothing you treasure deserves to be flushed away:

12. And no one should ever have to go full troll and live underneath a bridge:

13. No one should have to take a picture like this:

14. No one should have to take a swim like this:

15. And no one should find a message in a bottle like this:

16. No one deserves to be this stupid:

17. No one deserves this:

18. Headphones don't deserve to be disrespected like this:

19. Jumping pictures don't deserve to end like this:

20. No one's vacation should start like this:

21. No one's bowling match should end like this:

22. And no one should lose their home like this:

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