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28 People Who Had An Immeasurably Worse Year Than You

Hey, coulda been worse.

1. Hey, at least you didn't eat a whole bunch of goop:

2. And at least you didn't get trapped by paint:

3. And, hey, look at the bright side: this isn't your villain origin story:

4. At least you didn't pull this out in class:

5. And, hey, you never let your hair make a work of art:

6. And, just remember, you're not a smurf:

7. At least you didn't have to find this out the hard way:

8. And your computer didn't go through a dang black hole:

9. And at least you didn't crank your hog to some Gordon Ramsay:


10. I mean, your soul didn't leave your body:

11. You didn't enter a whole new level of closeness with your dentist:

12. And, man, at least you still have your PORCH:


13. Hey, at least your oven doesn't look like a scene from "The Shining":

14. And, dude, at least you still have your grapes:

15. And, hey, you never had to explain death to a classroom of children:

16. I mean, you weren't attacked by a vengeful sea:

17. And you didn't lose two precious loved ones in one day:

18. And, hey, at least your M key works:

19. At least you didn't drop your precious art:

20. And you never had to have this interesting conversation with your mom:

21. And, hey, at least this didn't happen to you:

22. At least you didn't experience the extremely rare DOUBLE LOCK:

23. And at least you weren't on the other end of this text:

24. And, hey, you still have your book:

25. Just remember: your clothes aren't frozen solid:

26. Maribel isn't about to fire you:

27. And a two year old didn't just destroy your savings:

28. And, listen, if none of that made you feel better, just remember that at least you know how to spell:

Twitter: @jnudey

And, ya know what? That might be good enough.