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    24 Pictures That Will Hit A Little Too Close To Home If You've Ever Worked Retail

    Of course.

    1. How to tell time:

    2. The importance of 27 seconds:

    3. True stupidity:

    4. How to follow the rules:

    5. How to say sorry:

    6. What it means to be a hero:

    7. What you're actually making:

    8. How long a break really is:

    9. The truth:

    10. When you get days off:

    11. What swapping shifts is like:

    12. What should be allowed:

    13. When it's your fault:

    14. The customer is always WRONG:

    15. The deep conversations:

    16. What true devestation is:

    17. When to hide:

    18. The worst kind of coworker:

    19. What a long day actually entails:

    20. Shifts from beyond:

    21. What the job really is:

    22. All the sore jaws:

    23. Disgusting warm money:

    24. Especially Brenda: