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22 Pictures That Are Too Real For People Who Hate Their Job

One... more... hour.

1. The constant struggle:

2. Your official uniform:

3. Days off:

4. Accepting your fate:

5. The morning commute:

6. Day dreaming:

7. Relating to this picture on a spiritual level:

8. Making tough decisions:

9. And coming THIS close to just saying "fuck it" every day:

10. The natural progression:

11. Keeping a positive attitude:

12. Confusion:

13. Monday through Friday:

14. General mood:

15. Trying to stay sane:

16. Cherishing every bit of alone time:

17. The flip side:

18. Work math:

19. Leaving at the end of the day:

20. The great escape:

21. #Goals:

22. In conclusion: