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18 Pictures That Show How Truly Ridiculous The Situation In Wisconsin Is

People are going to get sick.

Today the state of Wisconsin is holding a primary election during a literal pandemic.

To make a long story short: Wisconsin’s Democratic governor, Tony Evers, tried to move the election to June, but Republican lawmakers fought for it to be held today. The decision ultimately went to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, where judges overturned the governor’s executive order. Yesterday the US Supreme Court decided that Wisconsin wouldn’t be able to extend absentee voting. The election would go on as planned.

Gov Evers on WI Supreme Court decision to allow in person voting. “People have bled, fought, and died for the right to vote in this country. But tomorrow in Wisconsin, thousands will wake up and have to choose between exercising their right to vote and staying healthy and safe.”

Because we are in the middle of a pandemic, polling sites across the state have been consolidated. For example, in Milwaukee the total number of polling sites went from around 180 to 5.

600k people live in Milwaukee. These five public schools will be used as the only in-person voting centers in the city as #COVID19. (The lines are long. Be safe.)

As the lieutenant governor of Wisconsin said, it's a shitshow out there.

Good morning and welcome to the Shit Show! Today’s episode has been produced by the Supreme Court and directed by the incomparable Speaker and Senate Majority leader duo. Buckle up, this one’s sure to disappoint!

1. I mean, how is this safe?

So glad to see that 6 ft of social distancing is taking place... oh wait.... #WisconsinPrimary is a HOT MESS.

2. How can you look at this and not see people who might be about to get seriously ill?

3. This is insanity!

Lines waiting to vote in Milwaukee this morning. Milwaukee reduced their polling placing from 180 locations to 5 locations. Every voter in Wisconsin who requested an absentee ballot and did not receive it, must vote in person for their vote to be counted.

4. Look at how long this line is.

Polls open in minutes. Here’s a look at the line in Waukesha, the city’s only polling location

5. Is this really worth it?

A couple hundred people in line around the block waiting to vote at Riverside high school in Milwaukee. #WisconsinPrimary

6. WILL this really be worth it?

Wisconsin voters are risking their lives to vote. #WisconsinPrimary #WisconsinPandemicVoting

7. If even ONE person gets sick from this, how can you live with that?

8. The whole situation is ridiculous.

Six blocks from the poll's entrance, 360 voters wait in an unmoving line at Riverside High School in Milwaukee.

9. Poll workers are dressed like doctors.

Election officials look more like medical personnel today. Their positive vibes are helping to ease tension at the polling sites. (@tmj4) #Wisconsin

10. People are waiting in lines half a mile long.

In Milwaukee standing on line to vote in the WI Primary and Local Election during the Pandemic. Thanks a million WI Leg, WI Supreme Crt, and SCOUS. #WisconsinPandemicVoting #WisconsinPrimary

11. Doing their best to try not to get sick.

We've made it only of the parking structure, but at this rate, we'll all have fevers from standin in the cold before we count a single ballot. #WIPrimary #COVID19_WI #freezing

12. I guess this is what democracy looks like?

#Decision2020 @fox6now Drive thru voting 🗳 in Burlington, Wisconsin. Poll workers wearing personal protective equipment for safety. Voters asked to stay in their vehicle while they cast their vote. #COVID19 #SpringElection

13. Like, come on.

Dispatches from #Wisconsin #WIPrimary: My stepdad is voting in person because his absentee ballot never arrived. Here’s the line at Green Bay East High (my alma mater and one of 2 polling places for 100k+ people). Does this look free and fair? #scotus @benwikler

14. This doesn't look like social distancing to me.

15. Look at this!

In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, THIS is the line for in person voting as the polls open for Election Day in Wisconsin. #COVID19 #ElectionDay

16. This is totally normal. Real normal stuff.

Meanwhile in Wisconsin the lack of polling stations means long lines.

17. Wild, wild stuff.

Polls are now open for today’s historic election in Wisconsin. Long lines started forming outside Riverside High School before the doors opened. The school is one of just 5 polling locations in Milwaukee today, instead of the usual 180. #coronaviruspandemic ⁦@tmj4⁩

18. Truly unbelievable.

My friend Erin Stilp took this video, her sister-in-law is in line. This is at Riveraide HS in Mke. This is my normal polling place, but I voted absentee. Hundreds in line and very long wait. What is happening here is unconscionable.