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    20 Reasons Why We Can't Have Nice Things

    Do you see??? DO YOU?!

    1. Because of random vacuum cleaner attacks:

    2. Because of childhood-ending swing sets:

    3. And because of genius ideas like this one:

    4. And this one too:

    5. And also this one:

    6. Because people still haven't learned not to slow dance with televisions:

    7. And still haven't learned not to play baseball with televisions:

    8. Because people still think it's a good idea to dive into frozen rivers:

    9. And because people still think it's a good idea to have weddings on the beach:

    10. Because of absolutely brilliant moves like this one:

    11. And this one too:


    12. Because of errant soccer balls:

    13. And of loose-cannon car washes:

    14. Because of friends like this:

    15. And friends like this:

    16. And this:

    17. Because doors won't let us:

    18. And neither will goats:

    19. And neither will treadmills:

    20. But mostly because of Kevin Chang:


    Dammit, Kevin.

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