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    35 Reasons Why Summer Vacation Was The Best Part Of Childhood

    Also 35 reasons to become a teacher.

    1. It meant no more having to wake up to your alarm:

    2. No more having to smell the strange, strange smell of the bus:

    3. No more having to pack your lunchbox:

    4. Or worse, having to eat this everyday:

    5. Instead you could have a breakfast of these:

    6. And follow it up with about 400 of these:

    7. Then you could give anyone of your friends a call, it didn't matter — they're all around:

    8. And head over there in style:

    9. Bouncing...

    10. Or scootering...

    11. Or even taking the car for a spin:

    12. You could conduct meetings inside this all day:

    13. That, or under the dome:

    14. You could spend all day talking about your latest crush:

    15. Or talk about your troubles at the office:

    16. Or just throw these at each other all day:

    17. If it got too hot, you could always just cool down with a quick blast to the face:

    Just remember:

    18. Or you could chase down the truck and grab some popsicles:

    19. Or pop open a cool beverage:

    20. ...before running through the sprinkler and sliding into some bushes:

    21. And if it rained you could always turn to your trusty stack of movies:

    22. Just be careful not to cry too much:

    23. And if movies weren't your bag, there were always these fine literary classics:

    And maybe even some Zoobooks:

    24. Plus, who needs to go outside when you've got games like this?

    Or this?

    Or this?

    25. Plus, even if you didn't have any of those things you still had your imagination... and WITCH HANDS:

    26. Or your very own little house:

    27. You could always just bake the day away anyway:

    28. If the rain cleared up in time you could still skip around:

    29. Pop in some mango sours:

    30. Grab some Streek Sharks:

    31. And hit the tire swing:

    32. Plus, who knows, you might even have a birthday party later that night:

    33. Just make sure to look your best:

    34. Your VERY best:

    35. Your VERY, VERY best: