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    The 23 Absolute Worst Things In The World


    1. When you accidentally drop your fork into syrup:

    2. When your icing is taken from you far too soon:

    3. When butter gets so hard it does this:

    4. Opening up a fresh pint of ice cream only to see it's been FROZEN TO DEATH:

    5. Or opening your fridge and seeing someone left this much milk:

    6. Or this much juice:

    7. When you lose the bottom of your Reese's:

    8. When the chip bag is 90% air:

    9. Trying to reach those last few chips but your hand's too big:

    10. When your spoon slides in:

    11. When gravity starts playing tricks:

    12. THOSE pistachios:

    13. Losing that precious outer layer:

    14. And being deprived of that precious frosting:

    15. When the carton is being difficult for no reason:

    16. And the jar just ain't cooperating:

    17. And the cereal box WILL NOT PLAY NICE:

    18. When your cookie is just too dang big:

    19. When your pizza rolls turn into little sauce-spewin' grenades:

    20. When someone leaves one waffle in the package like anyone has EVER had ONLY ONE WAFFLE:

    21. When your coffee starts getting caught just so it can spill all over you:

    22. And the spoon topples your mighty bowl:

    23. And, finally, being left with THIS: