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28 Pictures That Will Make You Laugh Way Harder Than You Should

Why are these so funny?

1. This sweet Valentine's gift:

2. The LASAGA saga:

3. Caramel. Bitch.

4. Boo-bies:

5. This cookie catastrophe:

6. This shocking discovery:

7. This duck just tryin' to fit in:

8. This plant deception:

9. This hip spin on the yard sale:

10. Da plug:

11. The birth of Phteven:

12. This sign:

13. This poor bear:

14. This online shopping experience:

15. Mom just trying to get a damn charge:

16. These delicious rolls:

17. This rude awakening:

18. Frog revenge:

19. Skeleton stand-up:

20. This pun:

21. This astute observation:

22. This girl's new ride:

23. Ancient Shrek:

24. Donald Trump in his natural habitat:

25. This lil' smush:

26. The ol' self-reply:

27. These high as hell pets:

28. And, finally, all these hashtags: