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50 Pictures That Make Me Grin Like A Big, Dumb Idiot No Matter How Many Times I've Seen Them

You need this, trust me.

If everything going on in the world just seems like the absolute worst to you, just think about...

1. The mischievous printers:

the printer couldn't print hehehe

2. The titans of industry:

a mom was notified to let the supermarket know when her son goes to college so that they don't overstock on chocolate milk once he leaves

3. The perfect names:

i thought all rabbits were named peter so i had two rabbits, peter and peter

4. The touching messages:

5. The fantasies:

someone saying that we've all fantasized about dancing in the kitchen and someone replies that they've fantasized about a lot of pulled pork sandwiches

6. The perfect gifts:

a cat brought their owner a warm chicken wing from outside

7. The summer homes:

these shoes are the home of a toad

8. The realized dreams:

9. The new jobs:

someone helped a houseless man get to job interviews and he called to let her know they need a route to work

10. The very important revelations:

frogs have butt cheeks

11. The passionate debates:

couple debating over how much energy you would get from a 5 hour energy shot if you only drink half

12. The wholesome printer sagas:

someone asking a person to remove their old printer from their account if they happened to leave one for free because they got it to work

13. The gentle ribbings:

crows at a wildlife facility mock humans saying caw

14. The hardworking moms:

person wanting to borrow an orange cat

15. The success stories:

someone who delivered a baby got an update that the kid just performed their first ballet

16. The perfect couples:

17. The fair prices:

cat finally catching a fish near a market

18. The mouse bliss:

Mouse grinning as hair blows back

19. The even more perfect names:

A cow with its quadruplets: Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moo

20. The brand-new words:

6-year-old couldn't remember the word "tomorrow" so she called it "nexterday," so that's the word now

21. The exponential growth:

Cat named Tiny Tim measured against takeout soy sauce packets

22. The bee meet and greets:

Person bought a jar of honey from neighbor and neighbor asked them if they wanted to meet the bees, and the person was like, "Fuck yeah, I wanna meet some bees"

23. The pie deep thoughts:

7-year-old interrupts a bedtime story to say "In a pie-eating contest, it doesn't matter if you win or lose because you get to eat pie"

24. The poop plants:

Dog sits next to plush plants with caption, "She ate pumpkin seeds, pooped them out, and they started growing; here she is sitting next to her work"

25. The words of encouragement:

Person's host mom in Japan would encourage their Roomba when it got stuck: "Ganbatte, Roomba-san, ganbatte" ("Ganbatte" means cheer up, be courageous, do your best"

26. The secret marriages:

4-year-old was helping her mom clean and pretended she was a hired cleaner, and when the mom asked her if she had any kids, she said she has 5 kids and has been married to a man named Carlin for 30 years; mom says "You think you know someone"

27. The spontaneous displays of affection:

White cat with lipstick marks on its fur, with caption "came home drunk last night and got way too excited to see my cat"

28. The perfect notes:

Handwritten note to a teacher: "You have been a great art teacher,  I was like a blank piece of paper then you came along and gave me color, thank you, your friend"

29. The banana solidarity:

A woman eating a banana spotted a woman at a bus stop also eating a banana, and as she was raising her banana, they looked at each other; the other woman, thinking it was a "banana toast," looked confused and then raised her banana back

30. The heartwarming auctions:

Person selling 30 action figures on eBay sold 2 to a mom for her autistic son and said she wished she could get all 30 for him; the person ended up sending her all 30, and the mom called them, thanked them, and cried, and they're friends to this day

31. The true works of art:

When student who draws a "cat of the day" every day in class was absent one day, the teacher drew his own "cat of the day," "Snowball," on the whiteboard

32. The games of a lifetime:

Person who couldn't afford to go to a ball game when they were kids tells how their parents put chairs in the living room, gave their kids "tickets" and "money" for their seats, and served hot dogs, candy and soda, saying "Hot dogs! Get your hot dogs!"

33. The perfect pictures:

Person took their cat to the vet and they took an "ID photo," with close-up of their tabby

34. The little lemons:

A very tiny lemon the poster's mother grew

35. The fascinating bedtime stories:

Person tried to bore their 3-year-old to sleep by telling him everything they know about nuclear and particle physics (their specialty), and every night since then, as he's falling asleep, his little voice pipes up, "Tell me about atoms, Daddy"

36. The wise crow advice:

Person who was embarrassed to be seen by FedEx carrier feeding crows cat treats finds out the carrier also feeds them — but they feed the crows dog treats (and the crows follow him because they know he has snacks)

37. The most important words in the English language:

Sign says drive-thru restaurant's sensor is broken but just say "It's burger time" and they'll be happy to take your order

38. The partners in crime:

Black cat on a counter right next to a squishy cat that looks very similar to it

39. The rambunctious yet respectful mall teens:

A parent at the mall couldn't afford the $1 to make a model train set go around for his toddler son, then a teenager in a group of loud kids saw them, put a $1 in the machine, and said "I always liked watching trains too" and then ran back to his friends

40. The bountiful harvests:

Parent's adult autistic son loves gardening and put a ziplock bag with one tiny raspberry in it in the fridge — his "bountiful harvest of raspberries"

41. The comforting birds:

Parrot that is good at conflict deescalation because they learned from their owner, who repeatedly says "Hey" softly to the parrot when it "flips out," so now it says a soft "Hey" over and over when the owner gets upset

42. The thoughtful insects:

Story about bees in their backyard being polite because they're familiar with their walking pace and route and stop and wait for them to pass when their paths intersect

43. The slick flexes:

This person's biggest flex: they saw an older woman in the grocery store counting her cart contents against what was in her wallet, so they gave her a $20 bill and said "Ma'am, when you were over there this fell out of your wallet" and walked way

44. The dress shopping:

Bride-to-be's dad shows up for them at a wedding dress event that starts at 7 am and where all dresses are $150 by being the first in line at 2:55 am

45. The surprise children:

Story about someone taking a dad's order and asking his two kids if they're twins, and another child under the table says "You're close" and does some karate moves, so they met identical triplets, and the dad just looked so tired

46. The complete strangers:

a story of a drunk man behaving strangely yet comically

47. The special requests:

Hotel guest always requests a picture of "Brendan Fraser from the 1999 movie The Dummy" in their room, and they finally get their wish

48. The wholesome deception:

A person with the day off pretending they have to go to work and decided to stay home because their pets persuaded them

49. The first words:

Mom and Dad "fight" over whether their twins will say "Dada" or "Mama" first, but mom secretly whispers "dada" to them because "he's such a good dad I want him to have the joy of being their first word"

50. And the brand-new discoveries:

Cashier rings up a winter hat for a man, says they love the pom-pom on top, and the guy smiles, then comes back a few seconds later, says "You called this a pom-pom?" and said he was still learning English, then touched the hat and said "pom-pom" slowly