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What's The Most "2007" Picture You've Ever Taken?

Let's take things back a decade.

2007 was a special time in history. It was a time of Livestrong bracelets, of Razr phones, and of obnoxious chunky graphic tees.

But more than anything, 2007 was A MOMENT. That's why I'm asking you to share the most 2007 picture you have of yourself.

Could it be you with a flip phone at a Fall Out Boy concert?

The most 2007 picture ever tbh 😂👌 Blurry @petewentz and flip phones! (Sweden show, 2007) can't wait to see you back…

A picture of you rockin' a popped collar and sideways hat?

Maybe it's from your High School Musical themed birthday party where you got an iPod as a gift.

The most 2007 birthday ever (peep the iPod video, high school musical cake, "how to draw manga" book, and the Clair…

Have something really 2007 to share? GREAT! Upload a picture using the dropbox for a chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!