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23 Pictures Only People Who Are Terrible Students Will Understand

"What was due??????"

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1. This all-too-familiar horrible moment:

2. The ol' date trick:

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3. The case of the missing ruler:

4. This very scientific process:

5. Always "just making sure":

6. Winging everything:

7. Trying to pick up hints:

8. Studying like:

9. Using the beautiful English language to elaborate on all of the details and fine things that you are writing because you're a good writer and can write good:

10. That special moment:

11. Moments of glory:

12. The most beautiful words in the English language:

13. Accepting your fate:

14. The ol' bait and switch:

15. Beating that deadline:

16. The awful realization:

17. Being betrayed by your classmates:

18. The cruel, cruel irony:

19. Trying to make it seem like you actually know something:

20. Hearing "I'll wait" six times every class:

21. Trying to become invisible:

22. Following in the footsteps of greatness:

23. And thinking about all the great, important things you've learned over the years:

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