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22 Tweets That Will Change Your Whole Entire Worldview In Two Minutes


1. The truth behind toast:

2. Cow questions:

3. The mystery of Tuesday:

4. What lollipops REALLY are:

5. Time, man... TIME:

6. The overwhelming complexity of the english language:

7. What sunglasses are really all about:

8. Horse revelations:

9. How big a billion is:

10. Toasters explained:

11. The dark side of nursery rhymes:

12. A better name of unicorns:

13. Finally's final e's:

14. The insanity of "W":

15. How to snap:

16. Groundbreaking Tostitos revelations:

17. Numbers becoming self-aware:

18. Pencil symphonies:

19. Pizza's complicated presentation:

20. Odd numbers and their secret agenda:

21. Absurd abbreviation announcements:

22. And, finally... Crisp. Crisp. Crisp. Crisp.

Crisp. Crisp. Crisp. Crisp.

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