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19 Pictures That Will Change Your Whole Entire Worldview In Two Minutes

There's no going back after this.

1. Here's what lollipops really are:

2. And here's how humans work:

3. This is the alphabet's hidden secret:

4. And don't even get me started on time, man:

5. Here's how insane sentences can be:

6. And how living works:

7. Here's what ice skating basically is:

8. And what "queue" really is:

9. This is the opposite of "heavens, no":

10. And the true meaning behind best man:

11. This is staff member in a nutshell:

12. And this is an odd number's hidden e-genda:

13. This is the secret between Pharell and Ferrell:

14. And this is what the alphabet has been trying to tell you:

15. This is what someone who studies atoms is:

16. And this is what the bicep emoji really is:

17. This is how inventions were invented:

18. And how your body functions all day every day:

19. And, finally, perhaps the most shocking revelation of all...