22 Pictures That Prove That 2014 Is The Damn Future

You know, at least with regard to technology.

1. There’s an app that translates in real time:

Word Lens

2. And a spoon meant to help those with Parkinson’s eat:

3. There are holograms…on ICE CREAM apps:

4. And Harry Potter-esque ads in subways:

5. There are digital libraries where one scans a QR code to get the book they want:

6. Astronauts are taking dang selfies in SPACE:

7. All this being done with a green screen:

…for better or worse.

8. Bathrooms with smart glass that obscures the bathroom when you lock it exist:

9. You know, this happened:

10. There are doors straight out of any science fiction movie:

11. Scientists are making videos out of human memories:


12. Robots are getting more realistic (and creepy) each year:

13. We get together like this now:

14. Transparent cars are in development:

15. These are all the planets we discovered this year, compared to the previous two decades:

16. I mean, check out this man’s bionic arm at work:

17. And this bionic hand at work:

18. There’s a trash can that knows where your trash is headed:

19. And cities are growing at an alarming rate. Check out Shanghai between 1987 and now:

20. An Oculus Rift is being used for 3D imaging:

21. Chemicals like this exist to reject liquid:

22. And, just a reminder, all this fits in your pocket now:


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