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27 Pictures That Are True For Absolutely No Reason

A wise teen once asked: "WHY ARE THESE SO TRUE?"

1. Directions work like this:

2. Everyone does this when giving advice:

3. This was always a major concern:

4. Having a good time is like this:

5. This always happens at the movies:

6. Everyone did this:

7. Everyone has had this feeling:

8. Storytelling is like this:

9. Phone calls with Mom are like this:

10. And hanging out with Mom is like this:

11. Summer always ends up like this:

12. This happens all the time:

13. Studying is like this:

14. Cooking works like this:

15. Talking on the phone always ends up like this:

16. Late-night eating is like this:

17. Gum works like this:

18. Texting is like this:

19. Driving always ends up like this:

20. Everyone has had to do this before:

21. Every morning starts like this:

22. Every time you LOL on the internet your face looks like this:

23. Being busy goes a lot like this:

24. Being around someone who's crying is like this:

25. Texting someone back is like this:

26. Saying you're "on the way" just means this:

27. And being at work is like this: