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26 Pictures That Will Make You Scared For The Future

The end is nigh.

1. This year's hottest fragrance:

2. The collected works of Arthur:

3. The world's toughest question:


4. This reasonable argument:

5. Technology letting us down YET again:

6. Leonardo's best role:

7. The long history of football:

8. CARK:

9. America's NEW independence day:

10. This interesting meditation on dogs:

11. Our greatest president:

12. This lovely trip:

13. The birth of baby Mixtape:


15. Caitlin's discovery:

16. These wise words:

17. Nate and his Americans:

18. Meaty Oaker:

19. This miracle of math:

20. Bill Gates' greatest invention:

21. This...uh...this:

22. 31/7:

23. This bit of troubleshooting:

24. This lovely picture of a new credit card:

25. This gorgeous moon picture:

26. And... this:



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