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20 People Who I Know For A Fact Regret Literally Every Single Choice They Made Last Week

Poor things.

1. The person who was kind enough to share their fresh brewed coffee with a friend:

2. The person with the pepperiest shrimp in existence:

3. The person who has the best view possible for their big trip:

4. Ol' Purple Butt:

5. The person whose musical taste knows no limits:

6. The person who now must wait 48 years to use their iPod:

A screen on an iPod saying to use again in "24,983,568 minutes."

7. The person kind enough to rent out their grill to a squirrel:

8. The person who experienced a watermelon of mass destruction:

9. The person with a fresh coat of brown on their beautiful walls:

10. The person who got a great view of some fantastic elbows at this concert:

11. The person who was kind enough to let a bee do some cosmetic work:

12. The person who will never not quadruple check their toothbrush from now on:

13. The person whose plate betrayed them, as plates often do:

14. The person whose doctor must be laughing at them:

15. The person who is about to enjoy a nice, heaping bowl of herbs:

16. The person with the foamiest cup in existence:

17. The person who must never play golf again:

18. The person whose diploma got juuuuust a little bent:

19. The person who was kind enough to let a young fly give birth on their tasty burger:

20. The person who totally forgot about the big parade happening that day:

Although, to be fair, this seems like a worthwhile delay.