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23 Ways Your Day Could Be Way, Way Worse


1. You could have gotten married on the beach during a rough storm:

2. Or tried to take a cute photo on the beach during high tide:

3. You could have had your dream of being a magician crushed:

4. Or your dream of being an Olympic gymnast crushed:

5. Or your dream of going pro in skateboarding shattered:

6. Or your dreams of being a model swept away to sea:

7. Your superpowers could have kicked in at the worst possible moment:

8. Your mom could have sent you this text:

9. You could have picked the worst possible day to learn how to surf:

10. You could have woken up like this:

11. You could have made this mistake on Twitter:

12. You could be Ryan Seacrest trying to high-five a blind guy:

13. You could have been on the other end of this handshake disaster:

14. You could have been made Drake's new worst enemy:

15. You could have been trying to get lucky with someone on the Internet:

16. You could have been the last person standing:

17. You could be this angry child:

18. Your vacation could have started out like this:

19. You could have been embarrassed in front of everyone at the gym:

20. Your treadmill could have attacked you:

21. You could have been crumpin' way too close to a treadmill:

22. Spiderman could have flown out of your butt at the WORST POSSIBLE MOMENT:

23. And at least you're not Amanda Bynes: